Best Health and Safety Software for Hotels

Best Health and Safety Software for Hotels

Best Health and Safety Software for Hotels

Choosing the Best Health and Safety Software for Hotels

Health and Safety is an important aspect of running any business, but nowhere is it more important than when taking the best possible care of your hotel guests while they stay with you and make use of your hotel facilities.

Not only do you need to keep your paying hotel guests safe and free from risks, but you also have a duty of care to carry out to look after your hotel staff too. To enable you to run a very successful and effective hotel, it is imperative that you have well thought out health and safety policies in place and follow best practice procedures at all times.

Everything from your Fire Safety drills and equipment checks to your electrical system maintenance and staff health and safety training needs to be monitored and recorded. You will need to set up reminders for when safety certificates are up for renewal and set dates for mandatory health and safety training for new staff members.

Because time is money in the hotel trade, you will want to make your routine health and safety tasks  go as smoothly as possible. You will also want to ensure that you don’t miss any important actions such as renewing expired certificates or conducting health and safety checks that could result you being in breach of any current health and safety laws.

Health and safety software for hotels

To make things more efficient you should set up checklists for you and your designated staff to follow. These checklists can help you to keep on top of your important health and safety tasks and help to identify potential new risks and hazards that may have developed since your last safety inspection.

As the hotel owner or manager, it is your job to ensure that you have an effective plan in place for each of your hotel departments. This will ensure that you can keep your hotels staff and guests safe, as well as protecting any visiting workers, such as contractors, safe while working on or around your premises. You will need a documented hotel and guest safety plan. You can assign someone to be responsible for updating and maintaining the manual.

This can be made much easier to manage by using cutting-edge, cloud-based Health and Safety Software, such as Blue Lemon Health & Safety management software to perform these tasks for you.

By using a profession software solution to help you manage your health and safety responsibilities, you will be able to consider every health and safety need that both your staff and hotel guests will require. You can set up designated safety procedures to cover issues such as the reporting and investigation of food poisoning incidents, as well as actions and further checks taken to remedy any issues.

Safety check scheduling

A busy hotel will often contain a lot of equipment that will need regular safety checks and inspections. A lot of equipment may also need replacing regularly or carry extra risks that need to be closely monitored.

Service checks, engineering, maintenance duties, property management and housekeeping checks also need to be recorded and regularly scheduled to help keep your hotel ticking over efficiently.

This is why as a hotel owner or manager it pays you to invest in modern, cutting-edge health and safety software solutions, such as Blue Lemon H&S management software, to help you deliver the very best protection to your staff and hotel guests.

Why not contact our friendly team to discuss how using Blue Lemon software can help your hotel become more successful!

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