Choosing The Best EHS

Choosing The Best EHS

Choosing The Best EHS

Choosing The Best EHS (Environment Health & Safety) Software for Your Company

When choosing new EHS software for your business, Blue Lemon Software makes it simple for you. Or Environment Health & Safety (EHS) management software solution is very easy to operate. You can track, manage and report all of your important health and safety data in one place.

Blue Lemon Health & Safety software is very user-friendly, easy to adopt, and can help your company to address all aspects of your health and safety compliance needs. If you want to ensure the ongoing safety and security of your staff on your premises, then look no further than Blue Lemon.

Our software system makes sure that you get the right tools you need to ensure your H&S compliance. Our system also helps you to improve your safety performance and drives your company forward in creating a safe working environment while minimising downtime and lost productivity through accidents in the workplace.

Real-time Incident Reporting

Blue Lemon’s EHS Incident Reporting Software is capable of recording, reporting and tracking health and safety incidents in the workplace. You will be able to easily log incidents when they happen, highlight the root causes of the incident, then implement a swift and safe corrective action.

Designated staff with health and safety responsibilities will be able to view incident report data in real-time. They can access reports that show incident performance metrics at a glance.

Following on from an incident, you can use your Blue Lemon EHS software to log preventative actions to take to reduce the risk of the same incident occurring again, and ensure that preventative actions are maintained into the future.

Root Cause Analysis

A very useful feature of Blue Lemon EHS software is that you can continue to drive improvements in your environmental safety in the workplace through the use of our data analysis to spot where there is a common trend developing that needs to be addressed.

You can keep a complete audit trail of your incident reporting that can show you a record of when incidents were reported, the action taken to rectify, and procedures put in place as a preventative measure for the future.

It is not just the incident date that is recorded, you can record and report every sort of incident taking place such as actual accidents, injuries sustained, and near misses where a hazard exists that needs urgent attention. With Blue Lemon software it becomes easy to identify contributing factors and root causes, no matter how simple or complicated the incident.

You can easily create and customise your own reporting forms that are perfectly tailored to suit the needs of your business environment and processes. It is easy to assign the necessary corrective or preventative actions needed to be taken by staff members to rectify the hazard, and you can track actions taken right through to completion.

Why not contact us today to discuss your EHS software needs. Or friendly customer service team are here and ready to help!


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