Choosing The Right Health and Safety Software for Facility Managers

Choosing The Right Health and Safety Software for Facility Managers

Choosing The Right Health and Safety Software for Facility Managers

Safety Software for Facility Managers

If you are in charge of a facility that allows people that are not employed by your company onto your premises, you will need to ensure that you invest in a tried and trusted solution for health and safety software for facility managements.

As a facility manager, whether that is for a large sports and leisure centre, activity centre or shopping centre etc. you will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • All visitors have the means of getting in and out of your facility safely
  • All flooring and equipment within the premises is safe and doesn’t present a risk to health
  • All services are working safely: Gas, Electricity, lighting and water
  • Fire prevention equipment is present and in good working order
  • Fire alarm system is in full working order

While managing all of the above to a satisfactory level to keep your facility compliant with current health and safety laws may appear to be a bit overwhelming, in reality you can simplify your health and safety management practices by using the latest cutting-edge H&S management software solutions from Blue Lemon.

Obviously, managing a large facility will mean that you will be responsible for a number of staff that help you to run your facilities, so choosing a flexible H&S software solution that allows your staff access to your H&S policy documentations and procedures makes a lot of sense.

Blue Lemon Software Management Solution

Blue Lemon Health & Safety created a comprehensive solution to managing your health and safety compliance. We offer facility managers a very flexible cloud-based management system in modular format that helps you to meet with all of your compliance requirements under current H&S laws.

Using our very user-friendly digital system means that you will be able to organise and run a very efficient H&S system while benefiting from our ongoing support and software updates. We currently have six complete models ready for uptake with more modules in development. Our modular management system breaks down your H&S responsibilities into manageable chunks that are easy to understand and manage.

Our comprehensive modules cover the following aspects of your H&S management duties:

  • STAFF TRAINING: Easily manage and record all of your staff training needs and progress
  • CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT: Centralise all of your compliance certification management and see historical records of your compliance certificates easily to meet with all of your current insurance regulations
  • EQUIPMENT CHECKS: Manage and schedule all essential equipment checks, repairs and replacements
  • RISK ASSESSMENTS: Manage and record Risk assessments across all of your facilities different sites and areas
  • ACCIDENT REPORTING & INVESTIGATIONS: Report your incidents in one place, getting instantly notified when there has been an accident and draw on reports and statistics to show any trends for risk areas that need urgently addressing
  • DOCUMENTS: Store all your important Health and Safety documentation and policies in one place where anyone can access it

You can schedule automatic reminders for important H&S issues such as certification renewals, follow-up inspections and staff training requirements to help keep your facility in compliance with current Health and Safety Laws and regulations.

Using our software solution helps you keep an ongoing record of your H&S alerts and actions and then document them online in real time so that your key members of staff with health and safety responsibilities can all be kept aware of actions and stay on the same page.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at Blue Lemon if you need to know more about our software management solution and how it can benefit the safety of your facilities.

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