Cutting Edge Health and Safety Software for Theatres

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Cutting Edge Health and Safety Software for Theatres

Health and Safety Software for Theatres

Theatre owners and managers have to comply with current Health & Safety laws, just like any other business owners and management teams have to do. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other related legislation and updates work to ensure that business owners and employers, as well as employees, contractors or the self-employed working on the premises are aware of their H&S duties, responsibilities and procedures.

The law places H&S duties on those that are deemed to be in control of your theatre and surrounding premises. It is a well known fact that the majority of accidents and injuries experienced in a theatre environment involve theatre staff working at height or through incorrect or dangerous manual handling techniques.

The importance of risk assessments in the theatre

As we all know, the world of theatre is an ever-changing business. As each new stage production goes ahead it is of vital importance that comprehensive and very detailed new risk assessments take place. Due to the changing nature of theatre sets, the movement of stage scenery and the use of the available space, you as the theatre manager must ensure that you do everything in your power to help reduce or eliminate the risks of accidents and injury at all times.

Your health and safety responsibilities not only apply to yourself and your permanent theatre staff, but also to any freelance workers, self-employed actors and your paying customers that come to see your stage shows.

Make your health and safety compliance as easy to manage as possible

If you think that managing your health and safety responsibilities has to be complicated – it really doesn’t! There are ways that you can make your theatre company fully comply with current health and safety law without making it too complicated.

You can start by using a cutting-edge health and safety software solution, such as Blue Lemon Health and Safety software, to make your H&S management simple, cost-effective and less time-consuming than running a paper-based system or a stand-alone offline digital version.

By using Blue Lemon software to manage your health and safety you can set up a series of simple practical tasks to help protect your staff and visitors from harm and workplace dangers. Our module  approach and formula for managing your tasks make it easy to keep on top of your responsibilities and keep a running record of your actions.

Here is what is included with each of our software modules:

CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT: Manage all of your Health & Safety certificates in one place and be reminded when they are up for renewal.

STAFF TRAINING: Record, schedule and report on all of your staff training requirements

EQUIPMENT CHECKS: Record all of your equipment safety checks and maintenance reports.

RISK ASSESSMENTS: Keep all of your Risk Assessments in one place, be reminded of when they need reviewing and keep a history of changes.

ACCIDENT REPORTING & INVESTIGATIONS: Report your incidents in one place, getting notified when there has been an accident and statistics to show any trends.

DOCUMENTS: Store all your important Health and Safety Documentation in one place where anyone can access it.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Blue Lemon if you need any help or guidance with setting up or running a Health & Safety system for your theatre.

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