Health and Safety in our Care Homes

Health and Safety in our Care Homes

Health and Safety in our Care Homes

Taking Good Care of Health and Safety in our Care Homes

The care sector in the UK is absolutely huge. It also has a very diverse workforce that provides a high level of care for the most vulnerable section of our population. Managing the health and safety needs of both staff and residents within a care home facility needs to have a great deal of flexibility and balance. Elderly residents will have very different health and safety risks and potential hazards when compared to their care staff. Both sides of the coin need to be taken into consideration and addressed when formulating your care home health and safety policies and procedures.

Using professional health and safety software for care homes is a positive step towards successfully managing your health and safety needs. It allows you to formulate, record and implement best practices with regard to protecting elderly and frail residents, while at the same time ensuring that care home staff remain fully up to date with their health and safety training.

Taking care of staff and residents

Taking care of predominantly vulnerable elderly people involves a lot of work on the part of the staff that look after them. Everyone that works in a health and social care environment deserves to carry out their work in a healthy and safe workplace. This involved receiving the right training in proper lifting and handling techniques to protect their own physical health and safety needs.

Scheduling and managing staff health and safety training is very important and needs to be kept up to date to ensure that you as an employer meet with all the requirements listed in the current Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

While the provision of care and support offered by care homes is tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident, it is also encouraged that residents do as much for themselves as they can easily manage. This is why having health and safety best practices in place is so important for the delivery of social care in this setting. As a resident grows older their capabilities may diminish over time and will need to be carefully reassessed with care and dignity.

Keeping residents safe and well while they are being encouraged to stay as active as possible does increase the risks associated with trips, falls and knocks against furniture. All accidents need to be recorded and the information revisited when it comes time to reassess a resident. The reporting of accidents, the immediate actions taken and the steps taken afterwards to remedy the hazard all need to be recorded and be easily accessible for future use. Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software is the perfect software solution for your care home.

Recording care assessments

Performing risk assessments for your care home environment and running regular care assessments for each resident should enable your care home residents to live a very fulfilled life in safety. You should use your care assessment records as a tool to enable your residents to do as much for themselves as possible rather than risk them putting restrictions on their personal freedoms.

With Blue Lemon reporting options, you can tailor your software to suit your needs. This means that you can generate detailed reports and call up past care assessment information easily so you can be better informed about your care home safety and spot any potential hazards developing that could be of concern.

Take a look at our flexible Health & Safety modules to see which ones are the most useful for your needs, or feel free to contact our friendly team if you would like more guidance about using our software. We are here to help!

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