Health and Safety Software for Cinemas

Health and Safety Software for Cinemas

Health and Safety Software for Cinemas

Using Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software for Cinemas

As a cinema operator, your health and safety responsibilities include the ongoing safeguarding of your staff and your cinema visitors from real and potentially life-threatening physical hazards. It is up to you to have a structured and robust set of health and safety policies in place and follow best practices in your efforts to maintain them.

Health and Safety matters are not the most inspiring or interesting subject for you to manage, especially when you have a mind-boggling amount of regulations and paperwork to keep on top of. However, just as modern technology has revolutionized our homes and workplaces, you too can take advantage of the latest cutting-edge Health & Safety management software to help you manage your workplace hazards while remaining in full compliance with current Health & Safety legislation.

Automate your Health & Safety management

Moving away from cumbersome paper-based health and safety systems and going digital can really help you to improve your productivity, help you save a lot of time and effort with managing records, and provides you with timely reminders for certificate renewals, inspections and important staff health and safety training.

By using Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software, you can identify and keep up-to-date with any new changes to the Health & Safety Act. Automating your management system will help you to simplify your compliance duties and reporting requirements.

There will be no need to waste your time trying to manually sort through shelves full of paper files to locate the exact document you are looking for to find an essential nugget of information. Everything you need can be brought up with a touch of a button and complied into useful reports for data analysis. Organising and streamlining your documents is one of the most time-saving benefits of using our Health & Safety management software.

Keep track of staff training schedules

When you operate a cinema, you not only have to consider the health and safety of your cinema staff, but you also have a duty of care towards members of the general public that visit your cinema. You and your staff need to keep up to date with your H&S training so you can effectively conduct risk assessments to anticipate hazards for both workers and the public, and manage incidents in a confident and professional manner.

You can use Blue Lemons software to fully automate and track your cinema staff training schedules to ensure that their skills are up to date and they are able to respond correctly and know what to do in the event of an accident, whether this involves a work colleague or a cinema customer.

With Blue Lemon Health & Safety software, you can keep on top of your cinema staff training needs, such as:

  • Add training requirements for staff members
  • Assign training requirements to job roles
  • Automatically update training requirements for staff taking on a role
  • Set renewal frequencies for all training
  • Upload training course materials
  • Schedule training courses, tutors and venues
  • Automatic training updates on course completion
  • Produce a report for all staff training needs

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