Health and Safety Software for Facility Management

Health and Safety Software for Facility Management

Health and Safety Software for Facility Management

Benefits of using Health and Safety Software for Facility Management

Managing a large facility that houses employees and members of the general public can be a health and safety nightmare. Not only do you have to assess the risks of all of your walking and working surfaces to ensure pedestrian safety, you have to also consider that your facility may house a wide range of different floor surface materials, each with it’s own level of risk.

Having an ill-prepared floor surface can be especially risky in entrance and exit walkways, especially when you have to take into the consideration of elements such as the weather, tripping hazards such as mats and rugs, and also risks posed by liquid or food and drink spills by the public in congested doorways.

Accidents are on the increase in public spaces and large facilities, such as leisure centres, shopping centres and entertainment venues. A lot of health and safety experts put the rise in figures down to the general public becoming increasingly distracted by their use of mobile phones and iPod devices where ear-bud use can render the user oblivious to their immediate environment.

Managing pedestrian safety

When you manage a large facility, pedestrian safety is not a matter that you can take lightly. In the USA alone, deaths from trips, slips and falls average around 700 each year, and the UK is fast catching up with them!

In the workplace where heavy machinery and lifting equipment are used, the most recorded workplace accidents involve forklift trucks, and a whopping 20% of those involve people being struck by a forklift truck.

60% of workplace falls reportedly happen at the same level and are caused by slips and trips that in most cases could have been avoided. It is up to you to risk assess your walking and working surfaces and then select the necessary equipment and put in controls that will be the most effective in helping to reduce or eliminate the risks of slips, trips and falls.

Accident reporting and management

While you can do a lot to protect your facilities from accident risks and hazards, sometimes an accident is inevitable. While the accident may not be your fault, you will still need to have a robust accident reporting and investigation process in place.

By using Blue Lemon Health & Safety management software, you will be able to report any accidents happening in your facility immediately on the spot. You can send out instant notifications to key staff members to alert them to the incident so that immediate action can take place.

Logging the incident and alerting key staff isn’t the only benefit of using this software. You can also appoint actions to be taken by individual staff members, then record actions taken and any follow up activities that have taken place to prevent the accident from happening again.

You can create reports and statistics to show your accidents and incidents from one place and analysis to show if there are any trends in risks or hazards that need to be addressed.

The main benefits of using Blue Lemon Health & Safety software:

  • Carry out level 1 or level 2 accident investigations
  • Email notification automatically sent to key people notifying them of an accident
  • Input accidents when they happen
  • Managers can assign investigators and state exactly which level of investigation is required
  • Reminds you of RIDDOR requirements with a link direct to the website
  • Trend analysis in an easy to see format
  • Various reporting facilities available

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