Is your Health & Safety Management System Cutting-edge or Creaky?

Is your Health & Safety Management System Cutting-edge or Creaky?

Is your Health & Safety Management System Cutting-edge or Creaky?

Cutting-edge Health & Safety Management System

Modern workplaces are busier than ever, so this means that your company technology and management systems should be fast and agile enough to keep up with an ever increasing demand for efficiency and high levels of productivity.

Relying on old-fashioned Health and Safety systems can actually be detrimental to you company productivity levels, especially if you still run a paper-based system that involves filling out multiple forms and reports for circulation and filing.

These days a fast-paced response to any workplace accident or near incident is essential if you want to shut down any further risks to your staff. You need a Health and Safety management system that actually empowers your staff to work safely and securely in their role, knowing that should an accident occur they will be perfectly able to raise the alarm and report it immediately.

Blue Lemon software solution

Having a cloud-based and very user-friendly Health and Safety solution in place, such as Blue Lemon, your employees will be able to react swiftly and with great confidence in a hazardous situation. Your company safety officers can be instantly alerted to a workplace accident so they can swiftly attend and deal with the situation.

You can also keep on top of your staff health and safety training to ensure that every individual stays up to date with their training and certification. Using Blue Lemon’s Training Management module will help you to schedule new staff H&S training, set reminders for certificate renewals and retraining as new Government Health and Safety legislation is brought in.

Our staff training module offers you plenty of flexibility and will make it easy for you to manage the following staff training needs:

  • Add training requirements for staff members
  • Assign training requirements to job roles
  • Automatically update training requirements for staff taking on a role
  • Set renewal frequencies for all training
  • Upload training course materials
  • Schedule training courses, tutors and venues
  • Automatic training updates on course completion
  • Produce a report for all staff training needs

By utilising our powerful software, you will be able to run a very efficient H&S management system that offers maximum levels of flexibility, and allows your staff to optimise their performance and productivity levels safe in the knowledge that they will know exactly how to react to an incident in their working environment.

Benefits to your bottom line

Employers can greatly benefit from running the latest cutting-edge software from Blue Lemon. Benefits can include reduced insurance costs for your business premises, improved staff confidence and performance levels, reduced sickness leave and accident recovery time that will need covering by hiring in extra staff, and less downtime for your production line.

Why not contact us today to find out how using Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software can improve your company H&S systems and make them more effective.

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