Manage your Health and Safety Risks

Manage your Health and Safety Risks

Manage your Health and Safety Risks

Health & Safety Software

Manufacturers can use our latest cloud-based health and safety software to better manage health and safety risks. Our cutting-edge software is enabling the manufacturing industry to help improve their workers health, safety and well-being in the workplace.

Lets take a look at what challenges business owners face over their compliance with health and safety laws and how using modern technology can help to not only to manage their risk but also improve their bottom line.

Technology in the workplace

With the automation of many production lines and the development of advanced artificial intelligence, the health and safety risks to human employees has been greatly reduced in most cases.

Automation has been around for some while within the manufacturing processes of many industrial sectors. According to Forbes, computerised algorithms can now provide data that increases production capacity by 20%.  Automated production lines help to reduce wasted time and materials, as well as raise accuracy and increase workflow.

With the integration of AI making ‘intelligent machines’ that can mimic many human traits, manufacturers can now deliver much greater efficiency around the clock without human error and with minimal downtime. This technology also helps to provide a safer working environment for human staff because it can remove them from dangerous activities or situations. However, despite all the reduced risks that technology brings to the workplace, it can also potentially introduce new health and safety risks into operations.

Less careful about managing risks

Modern technology and manufacturing techniques can often lead to workers becoming complacent. They can lower their awareness or risks present in the workplace and fail to take personal responsibility for managing risk.

Despite automated machinery undertaking more dangerous tasks that would have posed health and safety risks to staff, the movements and interactions of staff on the factory floor between themselves and machinery still needs to be risk assessed and managed.

With Blue Lemon Health & Safety’s software solution you can mange and record all of your Risk Assessments and keep them all in one place for easy access. You can create your own risk assessment templates for each of your sites and departments. There is also no need to worry about forgetting your risk assessment review dates as you can set up reminders at a frequency that suits your needs.

Should an accident occur, you have a complete accident reporting and investigations process where you can report your accidents in one place and be instantly notified when an accident happens. You can get an alert should your accident statistics show any particular trends or common risk areas.

Key people will always be kept in the loop about accidents via automatic email reports and can look at trend analysis to more easily spot a common risk factor. Managers can assign accident investigators and decide the level of investigation that is required.

Blue Lemon health and safety software has a number of reporting options for you to choose from so that everyone concerned with workplace health and safety can be kept up to date.

With technological advances changing the face of the workplace, you need to have cutting-edge health and safety management software that can keep up. Blue Lemon offer this to you now and we will keep you supported as you move your manufacturing processes into the future.

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