Safety Management Software

Safety Management Software

Choosing the best Health and Safety Management Software

As a health and safety manager, ensuring that your staff have received appropriate and thorough health and safety training for their job has always been a top priority. Not only because it is a legal responsibility for you to do so, but also because you have a duty to look after the safety and well-being of your staff.

Of course performing your health and safety duties also applies to the safety of anyone else that may be visiting your premises, so for example if you are responsible for a large retail store, you will also need to make adequate provision to cover shoppers and other members of the general public visiting your store.

Maintaining efficient health and safety procedures

People often forget that successfully maintaining your health and safety procedures can actually benefit your business in many positive ways. Firstly, you can help to reduce the numbers of working days lost to accidents or illness by ensuring that you maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Developing a strong health and safety culture in the workplace can make your employees feel safe and protected. This means they can relax and concentrate better on their work. This helps to raise productivity levels, which is turn is great for your bottom line.

Choosing the right H&S management software

The problem is that many health and safety officers choose the wrong support software for their needs. There are a few options to choose from on the market and quite often the choice can be overwhelming. What often happens is that a flustered H&S officer will end up choosing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package that may not be suitable for their needs.

The trouble with going with an all-in-one software package is that they are designed in a very generic way to cover all possible bases. This means you could find yourself paying way over the odds for a lot of software elements that are not appropriate for your business and you will never actually use.

Another aspect is that many software options are inflexible and restrict access by limiting their use to a small number of key users. If you want to ensure that your staff all receive proper health and safety training and want to encourage them to refresh their knowledge on a regular basis, having a system where they can access your company H&S policies and procedures on demand is going to be crucial.

Blue Lemon Health and Safety software solution

A perfect solution in the form of Blue Lemon H&S software is a better choice simply because it is available in modular form so you won’t be overloaded or overcharged with unusable option. Our software solution is cloud-based so this makes it incredibly easy for every member of your staff to access your H&S policy documentation wherever they are at a time to suit them.

You can easily manage your procedures and see at a glance who has completed their H&S training, who needs their training updated and schedule training dates as necessary. It is a fully tailored and flexible system that allows you to manage your businesses health and safety needs from one central point.

Your staff are your biggest asset after all, so you should make use of the best health and safety management software on the market today.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information about our health and safety management software so we can help find the best fit for your business needs.


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