Safety Software for Small Businesses

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Safety Software for Small Businesses

Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software for Small Businesses

Health and safety in the workplace is a very serious subject in the UK. There are strict health and safety laws in place to help make sure that all business owners comply with current policies to provide a safe and hazard-free working environment for all employees, as well as for anyone visiting their commercial premises, whether that be members of the public or contractors carrying out any work on the premises.

Providing a safe working environment is essential if a business owner wants to retain their skilled staff. If your staff don’t feel safe and confident while carrying out their duties within the workplace, then you are more likely to lose staff because they would prefer to work in a safe environment.

Conducting risk assessments

In the case of a small business owner, eliminating potential hazards and accident risks in the workplace can be relatively easy, especially when working from smaller business premises than a much larger company.

Conducting regular risk assessments is essential here. You should make sure that all walkways and corridors are free from obstructions and that any fire escapes are not blocked by furniture or clutter that could hinder escapes during a fire emergency.

Looking for potential trip hazards is another thing to check for, especially in low lighting where visibility will be poor.

Health and safety reporting and recording

It is one thing to regularly conduct risk assessments to keep your employees safe, but you also need to properly record your actions and result. You will also need to keep a good reporting system for when any accidents or incidents happen in the workplace.

While you may think that only large businesses can afford to have state-of-the-art Health & Safety software solutions to meet their more complex needs, a small business owner can still benefit from the latest cloud-based cutting-edge Health & Safety software too.

By using Blue Lemon health and safety software, a small business owner can make sure that no aspect of their risk management and H&S provision gets overlooked. Our software solution offers you a fully comprehensive and very flexible system to help you keep on top of your health and safety compliance.

Should the worst happen and you experience a workplace accident, it can be very reassuring to know that you have a solid health and safety structure in place. This is especially important should you be facing any compensation claims where insurance companies will hone in on any discrepancies with your health an safety standards of operation.

With Blue Lemon health and safety software for small businesses you can benefit from being able to record and manage all of your workplace risk assessments and more. Here are the key features of the software:

  • Create templates for common Risk Assessments
  • Record Risk Assessments by department
  • Set review frequency for Risk Assessments
  • Log all hazards for each Risk Assessment
  • Log hazard severity, likelihood and risk rating
  • Add control measures for each hazard
  • Add actions for each hazard to reduce severity, likelihood and risk rating
  • Review historical changes to all Risk Assessments
  • Download and print Risk Assessments in a PDF format

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