Safety Software Packages

Safety Software Packages

Cutting-Edge Health and Safety Software Packages

When running a business in the UK, you are required by law to carry out certain health and safety duties and follow current health and safety guidelines to help protect your employees from the risks of injury or death while in the workplace.

As you understand that your business must comply with the law and recognise that you need to carry out your H&S procedures as a matter of course, it is actually up to you how you decide to carry out your duties to meet your requirements.

H&S Software packages

These days very few businesses actually rely on old-fashioned paper-based H&S systems. Most will be running some sort of health and safety software package either as a stand alone system that is installed and managed in-house on a company computer, or by using a cloud-based software solution.

There are obvious benefits to running your health and safety procedures using a cutting-edge cloud-based system such as Blue Lemon H&S software solution simply because it offers you ease of use, full accessibility from anywhere, and there are no risks associated with losing precious logs, files and records should you have an internal computer malfunction.

Ease of use

Put simply, Blue Lemon helps you to easily manage all of your Health and Safety requirements through using a complete software solution for managing all of your businesses Health & Safety procedures. You get full support and back-up from our friendly team at Blue Lemon so unlike other providers, you will never be left on your own to try and figure out how everything works.

We offer different H&S modules so that you can make use of the exact software that your company needs. Here is what you can easily manage through using our software solution:

  • ACCIDENT REPORTING & INVESTIGATIONS: Report your incidents in one place, getting notified when there has been an accident and statistics to show any trends
  • CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT: Manage all of your Health & Safety certificates in one place and be reminded when they are up for renewal
  • H&S DOCUMENTS: Store all your important Health and Safety Documentation in one place where anyone can access it
  • PERFORM EQUIPMENT CHECKS: Record all of your equipment safety checks and maintenance reports
  • RISK ASSESSMENTS: Keep all of your Risk Assessments in one place, be reminded of when they need reviewing and keep a history of changes
  • STAFF TRAINING: Record, schedule and report on all of your staff training requirements

Having robust and well documented health and safety procedures in place can help you to meet your H&S compliance requirements, but using our software solution to help you keep on top of your health and safety duties can, and will, save the lives of your employees.

Time saving advantages

We all know that dealing with health and safety in the workplace can be a drawn out and lengthy business if you are performing your duties by hand or relying on an old and outdated stand-alone software system.

The great advantage of having a mobile, cloud-based solution such as Blue Lemon is that you can directly input your information on the go in real-time. The information that you record can be easily analysed to produce instant reports and deliver data that would otherwise take you hours of compiling if you were to do this by hand.

You can save so much time by using Blue Lemon H&S software to keep track of all your procedures without the need to rummage through stacks of paper-base reports, that can take up so much precious office space too.

Do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information about our health and safety software packages so we can help find the best fit for your business needs.

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