The Benefits of using Responsive H&S Software for Workplace Inspections

The Benefits of using Responsive H&S Software for Workplace Inspections

The Benefits of using Responsive H&S Software for Workplace Inspections

Responsive H&S Software for Workplace Inspections

Modern health and safety technologies take the stress out of conducting workplace inspections, and contribute greatly to building a positive safety culture in the workplace.

Most business owners will have employed an official safety officer, or even have a full team of H&S staff onboard, to conduct and manage all of the company health and safety obligations to meet with current H&S compliance. Some smaller businesses will appoint a staff member with extra responsibilities for managing their health and safety requirements, and this will include the regular scheduled inspections and safety checks for all manufacturing machinery and essential tools used in the workplace.

But when it comes to actually conducting this necessary work, most safety staff members can find inspections quite tedious to perform. Essential as these safety checks are, the work isn’t the most inspiring or engaging work in the world.

Save time and effort with Blue Lemon

Workplace machinery and equipment inspections are commonly seen by staff as time-consuming tasks, but entirely necessary to ensure the continued health and safety of shop floor staff and machine operators. Inspections are crucial to the ongoing maintenance and efficiency of the work place, so without them potential hazards cannot be identified or recorded.

Environmental Health and Safety is more than a simple box-ticking exercise. This is why utilising integrated, cloud-based health and safety software can ensure that you conduct a well-planned and organised inspection schedule for all of your essential workplace machinery and equipment.

Blue Lemon Health and Safety Software can be an invaluable tool towards creating a strong culture of safety where you can ensure that safe working practices become second nature to all of your staff, no matter what role they operate.

With more than half of organisations reporting that staff engagement was their most common safety challenge to overcome, the introduction of a responsive software solution has been shown to increase employee engagement and instil a higher level of confidence in the workplace.

So much time and effort can be saved by using an effective H&S software solution to handle inspections and audits, changing viewpoints from reactive to proactive with regards to safety management.

Using our module to manage your equipment checks and inspections will enable you to keep on top of all your essential checks across all sites using Blue Lemon Health & Safety’s software solution.

The key features of our equipment check module:

  • Record all equipment that requires an inspection or safety check
  • Keep detailed records of equipment including model, serial number, location and site
  • Create templates for common pieces of equipment
  • Categorise equipment
  • Assign inspection frequency to pieces of equipment
  • Set a reminded of when inspections are due
  • Record inspection steps for each piece of equipment
  • Mark equipment as Passed, Failed, Repaired for re-inspection, Quarantined, Failed or Destroyed
  • Log comments about each inspection

Not only will using our software enable better reporting and management of risks with essential machinery and equipment, your inspections can also give you a chance to raise questions and listen to your staff and operators. Any concerns raised by staff can be instantly logged so you will never forget or miss anything important they tell you.

You can then effectively follow up queries or issues being raised by staff by assigning staff to deal with problems and logging their actions and feedback. This can instil a stronger sense of safety in your workforce and they will feel reassured that you are listening to them and taking the best care or their welfare as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our cutting-edge cloud-based Health and Safety Software Solution.


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