The Changing Face of H&S Technology

, Health & Safety SoftwareThe Changing Face of H&S Technology

The Changing Face of H&S Technology

H&S Technology

Health & Safety technology has moved on swiftly over the past few years. These days more health and safety managers from major organisation are using modern software solutions to help them manager compliance and to study trends for where potential risks could arise in their workplace.

Mobiles apps are changing the way that people are interacting with their software programmes, so it makes perfect sense that Health and Safety Officers, or appointed safety staff, should utilise new technologies such as smartphone apps, cameras and instant messaging to quickly report and share workplace incidents in real-time.

There is an app for that

Just about everyone carries around a smartphone with them at all times, so when you combine this with Health & Safety mobile apps, your staff can make safety checks, incident reporting, audits and routine inspections much quicker and with more information.

With the advent of social media, it has become second nature for people to instantly share their thoughts and activities on the spot. Using a health and safety app in the same way to report and share information will encourage greater levels of worker involvement, communication, sharing, and ease of access to important health and safety information and guidance.

Accident Reporting and Investigations

When it comes to the safety of your workforce in the workplace, enabling your staff to be able to issue an instant alert about an incident, and give a ‘heads-up’ warning to other staff to avoid any further incidents or risks, can be very empowering.

With Blue Lemon Health & Safety Software, your staff will be able to report your  workplace accidents and incidents on the spot in one place. Your safety team will get notified when there has been an accident so that they can respond quickly. All data from the incident will be logged and your team can use your recorded data and statistics to show any new emerging trends for risk areas.

The key features of our flexible and fully scaleable software are:

  • Input accidents on the spot as and when they happen
  • Email notification automatically sent to key staff members notifying them of an accident
  • Carry out level 1 or level 2 accident investigations
  • Trend analysis in an easy to see format
  • Managers can assign investigators and state exactly which level of investigation is required
  • Reminds you of RIDDOR requirements with a link direct to the website
  • Various reporting facilities available

Recognising usability in the workplace

Blue Lemon are committed to carrying on the further development of our very user-friendly H&S software solutions. We work with user functionality always in mind. This is why our software is offered with a choice of different software modules, including:

  • Certificate Management
  • Training
  • Equipment Checks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Accident Reporting and Investigations
  • Plus more currently in development…

There are many stand-alone H&S software packages that are sold as a complete and finished product. They often contain a generic assortment of options, some of which you may never actually use, but you will still have to pay for because they are part of the package.

Blue Lemon has designed each individual module to be completely user-friendly and easy to understand. We go the extra mile to ensure that our users are fully supported with their use of our software, and provide comprehensive ongoing support.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our cutting-edge cloud-based Health and Safety Software Solution.

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