Workplace Inspection Checklist

Workplace Inspection Checklist

Workplace Inspection Checklist

Tailor Your Own Workplace Inspection Checklist

Inspections of the workplace can take many different forms, so your company needs to set up a best practice agreement for conducting regular and thorough inspections. Each workplace is unique, so therefore there cannot be an exact step-by-step set of guidelines that every company has to abide by. However, there are certain inspection tasks that most workplaces can include and adapt to suit their operational processes.

The recommended health and safety inspection procedures to include are as follows:

  • Incident follow-up inspections to be carried out after an accident causing a fatality, injury, or near miss, which could have resulted in an injury, or case of ill health attributed to the working environment
  • Regular safety tours : to undertake general inspections of the workplace at regular intervals
  • Safety sampling : systematic sampling of particular dangerous activities, processes or areas of higher risk
  • Safety surveys : to carry out inspections of any dangerous activities, processes or hazardous areas on the premises

To comply with current Health & Safety laws, a company has to have a regular safety inspection schedule in place and there also needs to be a record kept of each inspection that has taken place. The inspection record should highlight where there are unsafe or hazardous conditions or working practices, or finds unsatisfactory instructions, guidelines or procedures in place for keeping employees protected.

Where your health and safety representative has drawn up a list of issues that need addressing, you should then decide on what action to take to remedy these issues. You will need to record your recommended actions and appoint key staff to carry them out. Once carried out, you should perform a follow-up inspection to ensure appropriate action has been taken and procedures have been put in place to further remove or reduce the risk of reoccurrence in the future.

You will also need to schedule regular workplace inspections to ensure that your company continues to comply with current health and safety practices and can work on making improvements to the health and welfare of your staff going forward, especially if there have been any substantial changes in the working environment, or the HSE publishes new information or guidelines to follow.

Blue Lemon Software Solutions

If all of the above information seems like a lot of hard work to organise, manage, and keep on top of, then you should consider using Blue Lemon Health and Safety software to help manage your company health and safety compliance.

Using our cutting-edge software programme, you can quickly and easily streamline your company health and safety compliance duties by creating your own workplace inspection checklist from our fully customisable checklist template. This can cut down on valuable time and paperwork because your workplace inspection checklist will be specific to your particular working environment.

You can very easily set up a regular schedule of workplace inspections in advance and use your own personalised checklist to perform your inspections.  You can assign staff representatives to take part in your formal inspections, and use our software to share reports and data analysis to ensure that everyone is up to speed and on the same page when it comes to your company health and safety status.

Why not contact us today to discuss your company health and safety software needs. Or friendly customer service team are here and ready to help!


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